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Patrick Dohan, Senior Product Designer


Patrick Dohan

Patrick Dohan is a senior designer in both the digital and physical worlds. His approach revolves around the application and intersection of cognitive psychology, the pursuit of simplicity, and human-centered design. 

Currently, he leads design for global enterprise products at Uber. He has built product configuration tools used to set up and run Uber across the world, designed an integrated suite of global fraud detection and resolution products, and led the creation of a CRM system that mirrors and anticipates the growing complexity of Uber's business.

Before Uber, Patrick has led product design and strategy for wide range of companies including Zillow, Taco Bell, Sprint, Anthem, Avvo, Answer Financial, Chase Bank, and Experian.

Outside of the 1's and 0's, you will most find Patrick in his garage/workshop, designing and building furniture. Or possibly in his studio, composing music to picture or just for the hell of it.

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